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Introducing Parachute Packer Calendar

The all-in-one parenting resource and keepsake!

This easy-to-use undated calendar starts the day your baby is born. It’s a full year of hands-on activities, Milestone stickers for Baby Firsts, and Parenting Tools for your whole family! It’s an all-in-one parenting resource that offers you Daily Tips, keepsakes, journal pages and more!

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It’s a Child Keepsake Calendar and More!

Choose your calendar based on the developmental year of your child’s life. Click on the image to see product details.

Parachute Packer Calendar Fast Facts

  • A calendar for each year, from Newborn to Age 4
  • Undated: calendar begins on your child’s birthday
  • Calendar includes full sheet of Milestone Stickers
  • Made in the USA with recycled paper

Research shows your baby will learn more NOW than any other time!

dawn kiss

Parachute Packer Calendar developer Dawn Williams, Certified School Counselor and Mom.

Children learn more quickly during the first 5 years of life than any other time in their lives, according to studies. This critical time for brain development sets the stage for their future growth and development, happiness, health, learning, and achievement in school and success in all areas of life. 

Parachute Packer Calendars provide you with a unique opportunity to enhance your young child’s growth and success and give them their best start in life! 

Start Your Experience Today!

Parachute Packer Calendars are the Perfect Gift! First-time Parents, Baby Showers or Just Because. A versatile keepsake that is easier to use than any Baby Book and a Parenting Resource for every day, make it ideal for Newborns, First Birthday and Every year after!

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Here’s what they’re saying:

I am a proud owner of this product. In my opinion it is an essential item for mothers, especially 1st time mothers. It is extremely functional and it allows for you to keep track of your plans on a calendar while also giving you tips concerning things that are going on around the time period for your child. It gives advice and ideas and I especially like the fact that there are stickers to commemorate big steps in your child’s life like their first doctor’s appointment. If you like being organized and educated, I would definitely say this is a product for you. It is definitely worthy of 5 stars and it is a must have for mothers who want to stay on top of their busy lives!” – Lisa T.

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Being a mom.....
~ Has allowed me to experience a level of love like I've never known before
~ Has helped me to slow down... live more in the moment and find joy in the simple things as my little girl teaches me that lesson regularly
~Has taught me to identify my strengths and weaknesses more than anything else ever has and use this knowledge in a positive way.
~Has made me become a better time manager and priority setter
~Has made me be more mindful of my words and actions because I want to practice what I preach
~Has me working diligently to be the best person I can be so she has a great role model in me and life coach.

Yeah....I think being a mom helped me FIND myself. How about you?
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3 months ago  ·  

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Since February is all about the love....may we all take the first step in spreading it......Make the effort to smile at all those you pass each day. What a beautiful thing for our kids to witness.

Please post a picture below of your precious little one smiling and let's spread a little LOVE!!! I'll get you started with a smile from FAITH.....
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4 months ago  ·  

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So.....Faith and I are enjoying watching the singers on American Idol and I ask Faith, "Do you want to be a singer?"

She answers with extreme confidence and certainty, "I AM a singer."
And immediately bursts into song (one of her own creation, I might add).
I want to make it one of my main goals as her mom to Never let her lose her positive sense of self and authenticity.

Whew.....what we can learn from our kids is remarkable!!
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4 months ago  ·  

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